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Cigarbox Planetarium s/t
Cigarbox Planetarium s/t

The first album from Cigarbox Planetarium, on the Oh!Tonito/Le Grand Magistery label. Track listing:

  1. Zombie, Please
  2. Astrocat
  3. Smuggler's Bible
  4. I Clone Me
  5. Baked Alaska
  6. Frankenstein on the Beach
  7. Listing Attic
  8. Bowler Hat's Nightmare
  9. Zombiessence
  10. Night! Oh, the Sad...
  11. Homicide Kills
  12. At Sun Two Dogs
  13. Trouble Is My Beeswax
  14. Another Zombie, Please
  15. The Celestial Pincushion

Recorded by Andy at Studio Moon D'Oggi, Irving