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the Listing Attic - Fly Like an Ego
The Listing Attic - Fly Like an Ego

The second Listing Attic record.
Dedicated to Twyla Herbert and Lou Christie. Track listing:

  1. At Sun Two Dogs
  2. Trouble is My Beeswax
  3. Mister Bitter
  4. Tania's Nightmare
  5. Glacier Wishes
  6. God's Little Wiseacre
  7. Oblique House
  8. Listing Attic 3
  9. Sourdust
  10. Top Ten Submarine
  11. Frankenstein on the Beach
  12. Woe from Wit
  13. Left Ahead
  14. The Involved
  15. Errant Elevator

All songs by Andy Charneco. Recorded and mixed Summer/Fall 1996 at Studio Moon D'Oggi. Special guests: Anderson Allen - percussion; Dug Birdzell - upright bass; Jerry Busher - percussion, drum loops, and bongos; Dave Findley - guitar and cricket; Sean Forrest - guitar and water bonks; Abram Goodrich - slide guitar; Dave Meschter - vocals.

US $12