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the Listing Attic s/t
the Listing Attic

The first Listing Attic record.
Dedicated to R. Stevie Moore. Track listing:

  1. Salvation Andy
  2. Listing Attic
  3. Mister Bitter
  4. Cardboard Theater
  5. Coconino County (Pt.1)
  6. Mommy And I Are One
  7. Wagonessence
  8. Grant Wood Child
  9. Smuggler's Bible
  10. Bad Vibrations
  11. Sean's Nightmare
  12. Morning Becomes Electric
  13. Night of the Sad Countenance
  14. Coconino County (Pt.2)
  15. Storybook Land
  16. Stop Smoking
  17. Listing Attic (Bootleg)

All songs by Andy Charneco. Recorded and mixed Summer 1995 at Studio Moon D'Oggi. Thanks to Anderson Allen, Steve Cummings, and Craig Thomas for useful percussion sounds.

US $12