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Society of Rubber Cement
Society of Rubber Cement

“Outsy-listening” to the first album's “indie-listening.” The second album from Cigarbox Planetarium. Track listing:

  1. Blueberry Burns
  2. Oh! Tinnitus
  3. Mrs. Orange Peel
  4. Calliope Bros.
  5. Memory Loop
  6. Monkey Brain Sandwich
  7. Well, I Dig You
  8. Lavacado
  9. Gothic Meth Lab Party
  10. Tiny Dream Car
  11. The Emperor's
  12. My Favorite Marzipan
  13. Who's Who in Hibernation
  14. Epilogue

Recorded by Andy at Studio Moon D'Oggi, Wyoming; Mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya